Stop Foreclosure – Government Programs Can Save Your Home

Stop Foreclosure With The Latest Federal Programs

Stopping foreclosure has become an urgent priority for literally hundreds of thousands of Americans. Simply Paying the mortgage has become an extraordinary challenge for many. Foreclosure rates are high and going higher; the jobs market shows no sign of coming back anytime soon, and real estate prices are depressed and likely to remain that way for some time.

And for some, indeed, the best option is simply to let the bank take back the house. If you are unemployed, owe 100,000 more on the house than it is worth, and several months behind on your mortgage, with no realistic chances of catching up, your options have really become quite limited. Fortunately, there are some programs now in place that can help the besieged homeowner remain in his home, no matter how dire his present financial situation may be.

The Making Home Affordable Program is geared for assisting up to 9 million families refinance or restructure their loan terms in order to stop foreclosure.

Hope NOW is another government initiative, primarily being ran by HUD, the Housing and Urban Development department. Hope NOW provides borrowers with debt management, credit counseling and foreclosure prevention assistance.

FHA Secure, a new program being ran by the Federal Housing Administration, helps homeowners who interests rates are spiraling negotiate a low, fixed rate of interest with their lender so as to save their home with terms they can afford.

Project Lifeline is designed to pause foreclosure proceedings and provide more time that owners are given to work out a favorable modification to their loan terms so as to be able to save their home.

When working with a stop foreclosure company to help save your home, it is important to work with a company that has experience and success using all of the above government programs, as well as securing loan modification terms that are sufficient to enable you to keep your home. Most of the above programs are designed to insure the homeowner receives a modification that leaves the mortgage at no more than 30% of income.

One such company is Home Foreclosure Fighter, and are highly recommended , for all of the above reasons. They can assist you in obtaining every last bit of assistance from government programs that you may qualify for, and have helped numerous people stop foreclosure; they can help save yours too.

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