Debt Settlement Companies

How To Choose A Good Debt Settlement Company

What can a good Debt Settlement company do for you? They will get your principle balances lowered or eliminated. They will get you a lower interest rate. They will bring you current on your payments, and they will lower or completely eliminate the payments as well. For people from all walks of life, it is possible to see a principle reduction of up to 75% in many circumstances – even yours. Not only will you be saved from default and bankruptcy, but you will be much better off financially in general.

However, it is important to choose a good Debt Settlement company – aggressive, but ethical. Make sure you are choosing a company that has your interests at heart. There are many fly-by-night companies out there who are generally just mom-and-pop operations that don’t know what they are doing, or are simply trying to make a fast buck. So ensure that whatever company you choose to represent you has a solid, experienced team and a good lawyer on their staff. Additionally, make sure that they can secure a settlement of 40% on the dollar or less.

Most importantly, ensure you can determine the above criteria easily from whatever Debt Settlement company you consider working with. They should have a professional web site where it is easy to request more info. They should offer a proposal for free (fire anybody who tries to charge you for a proposal). They should ask lots of questions, and indicate that Debt Settlement is a process, not a one-week solution, and that it may take a little time (anyone who says otherwise, or who promises ultra-fast results, is probably just trying to make a fast buck).

Typically, the debt settlement process takes two years, during which time you are putting aside monthly payments into an escrow account, which is then distributed to your creditors for an agreed upon percentage. Taking these simple steps will ensure that you obtain the services of a quality debt settlement company, who will not only make your life easier – they will help rescue your finances.