Best Loan Modification Companies

When Loan Modification is done correctly, by a good  Loan Modification company, you can have not only your payments brought current, if you are behind, but have them radically lowered, as your principal balance is reduced, interest rates lowered, and payment lowered to no more than 31% of your income. The banks and mortgage companies, faced with the prospect of a much larger loss if you enter foreclosure, will far more often than not agree to a loan modification.  

Finding the best Loan Modification companies to work with is important. There are many fly-by-night Loan Modification companies out there who are generally just mom-and-pop operations that don’t know what they are doing, or are simply trying to make a fast buck.  So ensure that whatever Loan Modification company you choose to represent you has a solid, experienced team and a good lawyer on their staff.  Additionally, make sure that they can secure principal reduction as well as interest rate and payment reductions. 

We recommend the companies below, as they meet the criteria we have established for the best Loan Modification companies – a good track record, a solid team, few or no complaints, a good record with the Better Business Bureau, and satisfied customers who have had a successful loan modification that allowed them to stay in their home. They offer a free proposal, and provide unlimited information to answer all of your questions before a contract is signed.  

Many HomeForeclosureFighter matches people facing foreclosure with service providers who can help them keep their home by modifying their existing loan. Just this year this site has helped nearly 100,000 homeowners nationwide. One in every 11 homeowners is facing foreclosure! is dedicated to helping you beat those odds, save your home, and obtain a payment that is both fair and affordable. 

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Many Americans face foreclosure as of today’s financial crisis. They’re falling behind on their mortgage payments, and worry about the loss of their home. At the same time, many of them don’t know about Loan Modification. Loan Modification is the process of lowering your interest rate and terms to provide you with a lower monthly mortgage payment. Our Loan Modification experts specialize in working with your lender to lower your mortgage interest rate, so that you can afford your monthly payments, and keep your home.

Even if you are unemployed, self employed, or have bad credit, you still have a shot at Loan Modification. If you feel that you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, you should take control of the situation before it gets out of hand. Even if you have already fallen behind on your payments, don’t hesitate, apply now. Because time is not on your side.
We will help to:

  • Lower your interest rate
  • Lower monthly mortgage payment
  • Reduce the chance of foreclosure substantially
  • Get you back on your feet financially

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  • Our specialists will help you keep your home
  • The majority of qualified homeowners get a Modified Loan
  • Lower your monthly mortgage payments!

Our main goal at is to save your home. We examine your financial and personal circumstances and negotiate with your lender to modify your loan to help you keep your home. You should contact your lender at the first sign of having trouble paying your monthly payments. This way, it becomes much easier to modify your loan. You no longer have to dream about keeping your home; we’ll make it a reality.

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