Selecting A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Considerations In Selecting A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a daunting and challenging procedure for anyone to experience. You may have an enormous sum of high interest debts and loans to pay, and in addition to this stress, be faced with your creditors harassing you with 30 phone calls an hour. You may ultimately be a position where you simply have no other choice but than to file for bankruptcy.

As daunting as it may seem, for the vast majority, once the process is complete, the relief and sense of a lifted burden can empower one to get a fresh start on his life. If filing for bankruptcy is in your best interests, then you should at least speak with a bankruptcy attorney in order to become familiar with your rights and obligations. Often, bankruptcy appears far more formidable than it actually is.

There are several things you should consider before signing on with any particular bankruptcy lawyer. Before discussing your case, you should ensure that he or she is both competent and experienced, and has handled multiple bankruptcy cases before with favorable outcomes to his clients.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should simply choose the most famous, hot-shot lawyer in the state. People may consider brand and popularity when shopping for consumer goods, but the same standards don’t apply when selecting an attorney. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, as along with that big-name attorney comes additional costs. Additionally, you may not receive the same degree of service, as paralegals will be handling most of the work, rather than the attorney himself.

Far better is to select a small law firm of just one to three attorneys, that have a great track record, good recommendations, and the time to devote their attention to your case. You can get a good feel for the attorney you will be working with simply by sitting down for what most bankruptcy lawyers offer – a free consultation. Does he rush through things, or does he take the time to make sure you understand all of your options, plus the ramifications of whatever choice you decide upon? If Chapter 7 is in your best interest, does he make sure you know that, despite the fact that it will mean a smaller fee for him?

When considering a bankruptcy attorney, approach it the same way you would if you were searching for the best cardiologist. You don’t want the most famous, nor do you want a budget doctor! You want the most competent doctor who isn’t a Prima Donna. Seek the same qualities in your lawyer, who will, after all, be performing what amounts to financial open-heart surgery on your behalf.

After sitting down with a good bankruptcy attorney, you should have a clear idea of your options. If you don’t, that is simply a sign you should speak with another attorney. Don’t worry, there are some really great ones out there; your task is simply to find them.