American Credit Freedom Foundation

Welcome to the American Credit Freedom Foundation’s website. We are a group of concerned citizens who have combined our areas of financial expertise in order to provide educational resources to those who are having financial difficulties involving the amount of debt they are carrying. Here you will learn effective debt management techniques, budgeting strategies, and other effective tools to help you win back your Credit Freedom.

We are also well aware that all the tools and financial management techniques in the world won’t help you if your debts are truly insurmountable. If that is the case, we will show you how to take the bull by the horns and reduce or eliminate your payments, as well as the total debt. There are many ethical and effective ways to accomplish this, whether it be by debt settlement, mortgage loan modification, or even Bankruptcy.

Additionally, we’ll show you the best bad credit resources to turn to for repairing and reestablishing credit. There are many such companies out there, and whether it is for bad credit auto loans or bad credit online personal loans, we will help you sort through the clutter so that you can work with only the companies that are reputable and respectful, as well as successful in helping clients recover after a financial wipe out.

Bad credit events aren’t the end of the world, merely the beginning of the rest of your life. Look at it as an opportunity to grow and change, to learn and to succeed the next time around. We’ll help you find the tools you need to make that fresh start really mean something!

To Your Success,

The American Credit Freedom Foundation